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An incomplete summary of my times with Serenbe Playhouse: The Little Mermaid, Robin Hood, Cabaret, and the Snow Queen.

an incomplete summary of my times with serenbe playhouse

serenbe playhouse

Photo Credit: BreeAnne Clowdus Photography

Photo Credit: BreeAnne Clowdus Photography

This was the last show I would do at Serenbe during my year-long apprenticeship, and what a good note to go out on! I was ecstatic to play FLOUNDER in Serenbe Playhouse's version of The Little Mermaid! Our concept for this show was Trash 2 Treasure. The costumes and set were created out of donated and found trash (including soda cans, plastic bottles, bubble wrap, and even recycled fabric)! 

To play such an iconic character is somewhat nerve-racking (Flounder is just the cutest). I actually hadn't seen The Little Mermaid film in probably about eight or nine years. I really think that helped me let go of any pre-conceived notions I had about him and it allowed me to discover who Flounder is/was and what I could bring to him, instead of being anchored by the Flounder in the film. It also was a blessing-in-disguise that Flounder was played by a child during the show's time on Broadway. This meant that I had to find what makes Flounder so charming and lovable without being able to play the "I'm a small cute child" card, and I think in the end, I was able to give him more depth and a clear through-line in a show where he plays such an important role but doesn't have the most text.

Three things about this production: One—I will always cherish the faces of the children when I appeared onstage, Two—Creating a show in a lake has its challenges but damn is it beautiful, and Three—Fish are friends, not food.



Book by Doug Wright
Music: Alan Menken
Lyrics: Howard Ashman & Glenn Slater

ALL IMAGES BY: BreeAnne Clowdus Photography


Director: Ryan Oliveti/Brian Clowdus; Choreography: Bubba Carr; Music Direction: Chris Brent Davis; Set Design: Shannon Robert; Costume Design: Erik Teague; Lighting Design: Joel Coady; Sound Design: Rob Brooksher; Properties/Puppet Design: Erik Teague; Wig Design: Lindsey Ewing; Makeup Design: Jarrad Hogg; Stage Manager: Shelby Mays; Assistant SM: Donna Warfield


Ariel: Niki Badua; Ursula: Deb Bowman; Prince Eric: Chase Peacock; King Triton: Derek Dixon; Flounder: Kenny Tran; Scuttle: Austin Tijerina; Sebastian: India S. Tyree; 

Ensemble: Chase Anderson, Brooke Bradley, Brady Dunn, Brittany Ellis, Arielle Geller, Timothy Harland, Kendra Johnson, Brian Jordan, Jordan Patrick, Casey Shuler, Terrence Smith, Madison Welch


Robin Hood rehearsals (and build) began the first day of my apprenticeship at Serenbe Playhouse. There, I met Paul McGill (B'way: Spiderman: Turn Off the DarkA Chorus LineBullets Over Broadway), who aside from being a fearless and playful director (on his premier directing gig), is also a supportive and full-of-life friend and mentor.

Together with the cast, he built an exciting family show that continually played to sold-out houses (or forest benches) full of children and adults--using zip-lines and the extremely vast playing area to invite audiences into Sherwood Forest. I also got to put my SAFD certification to use with three sword fights in this show with the final fight being a sword/cape vs. sword/axe fight!

"Kenny Tran, in his turn as the Sheriff of Nottingham, is especially adept at panning the script for humor. In addition, his performance is big and exaggerated, which is exactly right here."
- Amy Zipperer (Broadway World)

As THE SHERIFF OF NOTTINGHAM, I got to serve as the primary villain and comic relief for the show. The kids gave me LIFE! Some who were shy before the show would run up to me afterwards! The other most common reaction being excitement to meet me before the show, and boo'ing after the show (my most famous "boo!" being in the local bakery where I stopped for a soda after the show, only to be met by tables full of children who were still "in the show"). We performed Robin Hood all through the Summer and Fall months, along with remounting it during the Spring to school groups. Needless to say, I got to know this show EXTREMELY well, and it was so fun to be able to continually discover new aspects of The Sheriff and the story.

ROBIN HOOD adapted by Rachel Teagle

ALL PHOTOS BY: BreeAnne Clowdus Photography


Director: Paul McGill; Fight Choreographers: Christen Orr, Matt Bass; Composer: John Burke Scenic Designer: Scott Sargent; Costume Designer: DeeDee Chmielewski; Properties Designer: Stephanie Polhemus; Sound Design: Paul McGill; Rehearsal Stage Manager: Kellsey Hook; Performance/Tour Stage Manager: Donna Warfield; Performance/Tour ASM: LeeAnne Meeks


Robin Hood: Jordan Patrick; Sheriff of Nottigham: Kenny Tran; Maid Marian: Casey Shuler; Captain of the Guard: Madison Welch; Little John: Brady Dunn; Scarlett Will: Kendra Johnson



Cabaret at Serenbe Playhouse, with it’s important themes on politics, race, and good ol' digging your head out of the ground, hit all these vital spots dead on. The Kit Kat Klub was truly vibrant. A Lady Gaga concert in the middle of the woods, enhanced by Brian Clowdus (the Playhouse's AD and our show's Emcee and Director), Ryan Oliveti (Assoc. Director), and Bubba Carr's choreography. The sharp contrast from the Klub to the real life of these characters was truly jarring. The spectacle of this show was amazing, but always on top, was the story and the painfully relevant message that we, as the Kit Kat Klub, had to share. This show was COMPLETELY IMMERSIVE. As HERMAN/SAILOR, I had my moments of comedy, but my favorite moments were weaving in and out of the audience, flirting, making the patrons feel my presence as a storyteller and Klub member. To be fully involved with the action onstage without always stepping onto it. Act 2 was even more powerful, my transformation as Herman,  the flirtatious Klub worker, to the drained and scared man who is trapped in the retelling of the rise of the Nazis. This show is such an important piece, and I’m glad I got a chance to expose audiences to its relevance and gravitas.


Book by Joe Masteroff
Music and Lyrics: Kander and Ebb
Orchestrations: Bruce Coughlin
Additional Orchestrations: Larry Hochman

ALL IMAGES BY: BreeAnne Clowdus Photography


Director: Brian Clowdus; Assoc. Director: Ryan Oliveti; Choreographer: Bubba Carr; Music Direction: Chris Brent Davis; Set Designer: Adam Koch; Assoc. Scenic Design: Steven Royal Costume Designer: Erik Teague; Lighting Designer: Kevin Frazier; Asst. Lighting Designer: Maranda Debuck; Sound Design: Adam Howarth; Sound Designer/Engineer: Rob Brooksher; Properties Design: Kelsey Mardis; Wig Design: Lindsey Ewing; Makeup Design: Jarrad Hogg Stage Manager: Christa Arzon; ASM: Donna Warfield


Emcee: Brian Clowdus; Sally Bowles: Molly Tynes; Cliff Bradshaw: Lee Osorio; Fräulein Schneider: Heidi Cline McKerley; Herr Schultz: Robert Wayne; Fräulein Kost: Deborah Bowman; Ernst Ludwig: Edward McCreary; 

Kit Kat Girls & Boys: Terrance Smith, Brian Jordan, Kenny Tran, Jordan Patrick, Hayley Platt, Lily Dickinson, Taryn McFarthing, Kendra Johnson, Shannon Murphy, Imani Joseph

Ensemble: Madison Welch, Casey Shuler, Brady Dunn


Bringing back this classic at Serenbe Playhouse as Kai has definitely got to be the coldest theatrical experience of my life. Even though our costumes were layered and warm, that didn't stop the cold from doing its worst! This was the first year that The Snow Queen was actually performed in snow! As Kai, it got to run around and dance in the woods... and snow!

Kai's a dance role, choreographed by Bubba Carr. The two dances I got to perform were the "Anger Dance", where I ran around the woods kicking and stomping almost everything in sight, and the "Puzzle Dance", where i am slowly losing my mind and humanity to the Snow Queen. The "Puzzle Dance" was extremely challenging and fun to perform night after night. It was athletic and precise, set to a combination of EDM and heavy bass tracks.

Again, the kids made this show for me. Seeing their faces of awe when we finished the show was the greatest for me.

The Snow Queen adapted by Rachel Teagle

ALL PHOTOS BY: BreeAnne Clowdus Photography


Director: Ryan Oliveti; Choreography: Bubba Carr; Costume Designer: Erik Teague; Properties Designer: Donna Warfield; Sound Design: Adam Howarth; Lighting Design: LeeAnne Meeks; Stage Manager: Donna Warfield


Kai: Kenny Tran; Gerda: Casey Shuler; Snow Queen: Madison Welch; Troll/Reindeer: Jordan Patrick; Troll/Grandma: Brady Dunn; Troll/Thief: Kendra Johnson